Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stressed but

wearing :   Shirt : Mango  / Pants :  Zara / Boots : Mango / Coat : Zara (Old) / Clutch : Zara 

I can’t believe how long it took me to edit these photos. I know I’m quite new in the blogging business, but boy, I don’t know what happened to me. No, actually I do. It’s called pre finals stress. It’s like I can’t find the time for anything except working my exams. Anyway, I love these photos. And I sure do love this outfit. Especially, this big white pouch. The minute I saw it, I was helpless – I needed it. “Stressed but well dressed”. How fun is this. And, obviously white is a spring/summer color, so it was perfect (perfect reason to buy it. You know when you only need one little reason to buy something and then, that’s it, your mind is sold? Me).
The contrast between the white pouch and the black/khaki outfit is really a great combination. I know, khaki is supposed to be a winter color, but what the hell, I love khaki. And I can’t help but thinking I wanna wear this pants even when it’s summer. Well, depends where I am by then.
And hey, I made a new friend during this shoot – I’m not really used to deal with him, but he was really the cutest.


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