Sunday, April 6, 2014


wearing :   Shirt : Zara  / Skirt :  Zara / Boots : Mango / Bag : Six / Hat : Forever21

I had to deal with it: the sun didn’t want to come out on my birthday. And I still don’t know why, I was pretty happy on Friday.
Because, it was a pretty special day (I turned 23, I can’t deal with it, yet), I went to La Durée, and I bought some macaroons. Somehow, this was just the sweetest treat I really needed (I don’t know how you deal with your birthday, but let me tell you, each year is somehow different, and I’m more reluctant).
Obviously, after stopping by my favorite spot, we went to my second favorite in Paris, the Palais Royal Garden. Ok. How beautiful is this garden, even thou the sky is grey and the sun isn’t shining at all? I love it. Told you, favorite place.
So, on my birthday, I wore my favorite new shirt. It’s from Zara, and it’s green. Two of my favorite things. I though this color would be pretty awesome with just a black skirt. And the fact is I love wearing colors in the Spring. Wearing something pastel like this shirt has became an obsession.
Did you have a nice weekend? How would you wear pastel from now on?

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