Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Inspiration


Scrolling through Pinterest, Tumblr, bloglovin' and Le21ème, I found out that some styles were really inspiring me for spring. Yea, finally, spring is here, and it’s not something I can complain about. I love when Paris and the trees are blooming. Kind of European to be so happy about something so random, right? I guess, it’s because here, we don’t see the sun shining 300 days per year. I’m pretty sure in California or Australia they are not so excited about light!
Anyway, I felt the urge to fresh up my wardrobe and there’s the spring inspiration I was looking for.
1)     Monochrome outfit is the must.
2)     Camel coat X Leather. I guess I can’t help.
3)     What. Ice cream dress. Needed.
4)     White pouch. Because white.
5)     No explanations needed when it’s ripped.
6)     All black outfit. Love this.
7)     Stripped shirt. Classic but never old.
8)     I adore this white silvery bag.
9)     Fedora and glitters? This isn’t even a question
10)   Long white skirt and leather jacket. Well, you know
11)   These heels are so classic, but perfect!
12)   Backless dress is a must have for Summer.
13)   Again camel coat. The bun, girls.
14)   White blazer are the thing I really wanna get now.
15)   Blue oversize shirt = spring must have.
16)   Ahhh, yellow dress. And twirling.
17)   Printed jumpsuit, black and white. Why don’t I own something like that?
18)   White lacy dress, there’s nothing else to add.
19)   Ok. Not really spring inspiration, but I couldn’t resists. PINK COAT.
20)   Backless black dresses are something I can collect.
21)   Black playsuits from Zara are everything.
22)   Printed top and skirt. Okay I love this.
23)   Opened backless shirt and lacy? Perfection exists.
24)   Zimmerman strapless black jumpsuit. 4 words. Overwhelmed.

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