Sunday, October 19, 2014

White on White

Mango Jumper (Similar here), Love Skirt, Benetton Shoes (Similar here), Forevr21 Earings

Living in Europe means you don’t know if the weather is gonna be on your side on a day to day schedule. This means, sometimes it sucks, and obviously during Fall, you don’t know what to expect. But, as a lover of the fall season, I adore a white on white outfit too. I think white on white is much more classic and chic as much as a black outfit. Black is overrated, and white is such an underestimated color – you can definitely pair anything with a white button down shirt. But, there are so much more things underestimated and taken for granted these days.
I fell in love with that unstructured skirt from Love the first moment I spotted online. I used to pair this skirt with a great beige/gold shirt, but pairing it with a big wool jumper from Mango was a good idea since it was freezing. Happy Sunday!

Get the look:

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