Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pink Light

Outfit of the day : Zara head to toe / Mango Jacket/ Aldo Necklaces

Paris weather seems having what I call an identity crisis. One day it floats a summer vibe and the next, rain is pouring from the sky, and getting out without a coat and a scarf seems impossible. So, as the weather was "up", I decided to go for a simple casual look. It didn't take me long to pick this ensemble and I think these pieces are going well together. The moment I got my hands on this slightly peg trousers from Zara, I didn't know how I'd wear it. Knowing myself, I knew that, since it's a statement, the best piece to match was a simple stripped tee.

The location we choose to enhance this outfit - which is one of my favorite- is the beautiful Bercy Bridge next to the Park. This is one of my fav place in the city, and the pink sky is somehow so unreal that I can't stop looking at it over the bridge. It does make you feel small, but yet, empowered. Taking a moment to look at the sky and at this amazing architecture doesn't hurt anyone. That's the reason why I love my city.

Some ideas 

Peg Trousers

Striped Tee

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