Monday, September 22, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Walk

Zara dress, Asos Sunnies, HM Hat, New Balance Sneakers, Forever21 Earings 

The thing is that wandering through Manhattan by myself was one of the most great thing I've ever experienced. I've been here before, but doing whatever I want to do was something I wanted to do since a long time. I though being there during Fashion Week was the best time - all of those bloggers and designers in a same city is kind of grandiose. Paris FW is not the same, but I can't wait just to wander through the city to see what it's going to be like.
Back to Brooklyn - on that day, I took the train and went to Clark St just to wander through the famous "Brooklyn Heigh Promenade" - there's a huge difference between the high level of energy in Manhattan and the quiet of Brooklyn Heigh. I loved that place and those little streets - no need to say that those Town houses are the dream house. 

Then as a local - or as a lover of Manhattan - I walked down the Brooklyn Bridge to join the other side of the island and arrived in the Financial District just right next to the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero. I remember that day precisely because it was 9/11, and I guess I won't forget the atmosphere on that particular day. 
I wore a navy blue dress from Zara and my beloved New Balance 501 I bought just the day before. They made such a difference. 
Hope you had a great September so far! 



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