Friday, August 29, 2014

Hitting a Brick Wall

Dress : Zara / Shoes : H&M / Bracelets : H&M / Rings : Mango / Sunglasses : Asos

Back to business. Quitting for a moment the reminiscence of memories of my fabulous trip, let's enjoy a typical Parisian post.
I’m currently organizing my next trip at the end of the next week – for which I’m so excited, that when I’m thinking and talking about it, I’m dancing all by myself. I can’t even believe I will be there for a whole week… but more on that later. Don’t want to give away too much now or jinx myself. You don’t know what could happen, especially when you don’t know what you’re going to do there… I hope a lot!

Here, the weather turned out to be chilly and not sunny, even tho it's August. Fall is already in the place. But, as a matter of fact, I don't have the intention to quit those "bare legs" moments yet. Wearing dresses is something I'm loving more than ever - this dress is from Zara, and as I bought it in a rush, I know it's going to be a perfect basic in my wardrobe.

This post isn't only about this dress but also about those shoes. They’re from H&M and they are perfect.
This whole outfit might appear a little bit simple, but the edgy sunnies bring it all. I got so many compliments about this outfit, that I felt a little bit more love for this dress. That’s love right there, and just for a simple piece of tissue. I got the feeling that you should dress for yourself and as you want, and not to please someone else. It’s style, and it’s what defines you beyond the others. Hope you guys enjoy this look, and hope you’ll be okay since the posts are going to fluctuate a little bit, since I’m working, organizing and everything :)

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