Friday, August 22, 2014

Baha'I Garden

Zara Shirt, Brandy Melville Pants, Pull and Bear Espadrilles, Asos Sunnies, Vintage Bag

Ten days ago, I arrived in Tel Aviv, and even tho we didn’t sleep at all as we flew by night, we headed straight away at 7 am to the North of the country. I don’t know if I will tell you everything about my trip, but I definitely show you the marvelousness of this country, which is the dearest to my heart. This trip wasn’t much about resting, but much more about visiting and learning about my people, and my history – which may sound boring for someone like me, but it was the contrary. We went to Haifa, which is a city right next to the sea, and I saw for the first time the most beautiful garden in my entire life – the Bahai Garden. These gardens have a long history, and I was totally impressed by the hard work and the flawless perfection of this landscape. They consist of 19 terraces; the highest is the one of the Persian Garden with its trees in the foliage sculptured in eight-point stars. A stony staircase comes down up to the stunning terraced gardens situated below. The architecture of the garden is made by nine concentric circles, which look like waves, which go by getting bigger, and whose center is the sanctuary itself. We called those gardens the « Eight Wonder of the World », and I couldn’t be more agree. I was completely astonished by the beauty of the city.

After spending a nice day wandering through Haifa and the North – because we visited a lot of things that day – I had the opportunity to take a few pics. I wore a Marinière t-shirt from Zara and my long fluffy pants from Brandy Melville. My cat eyes sunnies was the perfect accessories of the day, and I have to mention my little leather backpack - which followed me everywhere during those ten amazing days. Hope you like the pics and thanks for your comments!


  1. It looks gorgeous. Hope you had an amazing trip and can't wait to see more pictures! xox, Sarah

    1. Yes I had, it was beyond what I expected! Sure, I'll post the whole stories about the next ones! xx