Friday, August 1, 2014

A Week In Pants: Jeans and Lesson



Zara shirt, Lee Jeans, Zara Shoes, Primark Hat

I can’t get enough of these Lee Jeans. A week in Pants couldn’t have been complete without talking and featuring my favorite skinny jeans I’ve ever worn. I bought them less than a month ago, and I don’t regret it. They are perfect, and they fit me like a glove, if I may say so. When you wear cropped jeans, because they are cropped, it’s how you realize heels are mandatory. And, I am so glad I got these ankle opened heeled booties, because they’re going with everything. As I am working in an office (not the first time, but well I have to be well dressed, you know), I have to wear heels (I can’t wear sneakers everyday… too bad), and I think I nailed it.

Thinking about buying a lot more shirt, and there’s a particular one I have in mind – but, this sheer mint one seems quite fine for a day like this where the sun is shining just at 9am.

As I was writing this post, I was thinking about proper office outfits - I don't really know if I'll ever work in an office, even tho I think I have too much energy to sit on a chair nine hours a day, but I was wondering what are proper office outfits for women. 
I mean, the whole point of Fashion is to let me people express themselves without even opening their mouth, if I may say so. That's what I love about fashion and about playing with clothes. Maybe I am too much thoughtful on a friday, but I do think you have to dress up for you, and not for men or for anyone else. Dressing up for you is the best lesson I've ever learned through the years. I really think the worse a woman could do when it comes to fashion, it's to dress up just to show off, for men. 
So girls, dress up for you, and then you will feel confident and you will just bring the light upon you without anymore efforts - as soon as you're okay with who you are, and it's in coincidence with how you dress up, you'll feel more and more confident about you. And that's what grown up tried to teach us while growing up.

Happy friday! 

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