Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On repeat

I've been waiting for ages. Finally, Ed released a new album. Some artist release albums and it's not quite good, or actually my taste, but Ed Sheeran has a way through his melodies and his words to make me feel like I am a part of the story is telling to the world. His songs allow you to escape the world and just live in a perfect little bubble for a few minutes (generally 4"30, haha), and I really do think it's kind of an gift not everybody can rave about owning it. The point is his album X is simple on repeat (especially Photograph, I'm a Mess and Don't) - and I think people will start to tell me to stop talking about it, and listening again and again. According to them, there's a lot better (maybe Sam Smith, and well, that's it). You can listen to X here.

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