Monday, May 5, 2014

For the love of chilling

Vogue UK June 2014
Photographer: Josh Olins

Styling: Clare Richardson

Models: Andreea Diaconu & Ashleigh Good

I don’t consider my blog as only a fashion blog. I love to think it is more of a scrapbook of my inspiration including Fashion editorials, and as a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan of Vogue UK. This editorial is too good and beautiful not to inspire everyone seeing it. Except for the one with Karlie, as always doing just her Kloss thing, this one with Andreea and Ashleigh is quite my favorite of the upcoming one. Chilling, doing nothing but enjoying the sun is really THE thing I’m longing for. Summer, I’m so ready for you. The important thing now is to find the perfect swimsuit (am I the only one longing for a one piece swimsuit? Because I really want to get my hand on one of this).

You may have noticed (for the one who read me), that I didn't quite post this month. But I am overwhelmed with a lot of work including finals. 

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