Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cameo Inspiration Weekend

Images via Whowhatwear, Pinterest

I’m not always good at Pinterest. I mean, there’s no such thing as “being good at” a social network, but for example, Pinterest it’s something I really enjoy (as much as I used for tumblr), but I never find, sometimes, the time, or even the willingness to scroll through those hundred of thousand of pics. And then, there are moments like this, where you know exactly what you’re looking for to create a new moodboard.

Moreover, I love things more as minimalistic as they are. I like quite simple dresses. I like black, white and lace. And now that’s spring, I like florals. Maybe, I won’t take that road, because I wouldn’t shut up. Haha. Australian brands are so good at minimalism X florals. Everything they create is cool and wearable and oh my, simple. Earlier, searching through my wardrobe I found that my style did really took a turn over I didn’t see coming, and that is a cue to take a moment, and think about spring cleaning (I’m writing this in the middle of the night, so forgive me if I’m confused and talking about things that might not interested you..)! But then again, about taking a moment, I realize I am who I am, and there’s moment to change in a good way, and even though I wish I was born in Australia (let’s just not talk about my principal inspiration in fashion, Jessica Stein aka TuulaVintage), I think Fashion is really a playground. Having fun is what’s matter. So, here’s a little moodboard of my weekends inspiration balancing between shopping Australian e-shops, Pinterest and blogger inspiration while I’m sitting in my bed, having such hard time to sleep while regretting having too much coffee for one day. But who can blame me. How about your Easter weekend? What are your plans?

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