Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Damn it. I did it again (blog hiatus). I swear I didn’t mean to, but time flies seriously. By the way, this post is exactly about time flying. I’ve felt like it was appropriate to do a throwback. Even though, some of those pictures are quite old (not that much I hope, because if, I feel really like growing old), these are my favorites. Sun setting is something I can never get enough. Lately, I was thinking about how each of them are different, no one of them is quite the same, and that’s what I really enjoy about social media like Instagram. And that’s the beauty of it (yea, I guess this is pretty cheesy, sorry again).
So, passing the cheesy and nostalgic mood, I wanted to show some of my favorites pictures I took: some are from Los Angeles on Santa Monica Beach, some are from Barcelona and others are from Marrakech, a year ago.
Blogging is something really enjoyable because it’s all about self-improvement right? I hope I’ve grown since back then. Or, at least I learned some things, even though I’m not like that old. So, throwback Tuesday this time!

On another topic, I wanted to share my new love for some of songs I’ve been just listening to. You should really listen to the new album of Shakira, there’re some songs fantastic. I’m not saying that because she’s back in the game, but hello, Empire and Broken Record are amaazzzing. Did you see how great her music video for Empire is? Ok, enough with Shakira. Well, I’m quite hooked (I’m saying that while listening to it) with Samantha Jade(finally an Aussie girl on the stage!), and of course, GIRL by Pharrell. I can’t stop myself from listening to Lost Queen/Freq. 

Well, enough with being nostalgic; I hope you’re all having a great day (and I promise I’ll be more regular and strict with myself about updates!).

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