Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Wearing: HM chambray shirt, Asos Jeans

Sure, if you're reading my blog on a day-to-day schedule, you may have seen a photo looking like the one above. Today's article is about the pieces I don't worry about wearing a multiple of times. Some people love buying pieces of clothes matching the recent trends - don't mention the Barbie trend which is going to appear thanks to Jeremy Scott - but, in my opinion, the classics being the classics, I love wearing a button down oversized chambray shirt.
Every time I wear it, I feel like I don't have to think another seconds to what I wear. So, okay, it's actually 37F out there, and I'm more comfortable under a big fluffy blanket than outside, but being productive and active is all about dressing up in the morning (plus a giant cup of coffee, because who's kidding about this?)

Reading, following, being inspired and having a fashion blog doesn't make it easier - you always want to improve your content, because you know that there are so much girls (and boys) out there trying to upgrade their own brand, that you want to improve yours and be the best version of what you're selling. Plus, downside, there's a rumor about how you have to always buy new clothes to make it hold all together. I don't think that's the point of having a fashion blog - sure I am a little fashion blogger, but I have my own opinion about this - but, it's more about demonstrating that you can create something by yourself, which includes, yes, talking about what you love, Fashion with a big F.

So let's face it, people might judge what you think, or what you defend upon here, but who cares? I understood that being realistic about your wardrobe, and what you love wearing is kind of the point. It's tough reinventing your wardrobe every day, and no I don't say this like it's nothing, I know a lot about this - I'm only a student, in the end.

I guess, I'm defending the wear of the chambray button down shirt with passion, and it's not because I am not creative - because I do believe in creativity when it comes to your wardrobe - and actually, it can surely happen by adding something more, like a belt to tie up your coat, and like above, making a knot to your shirt to make it edgier/sexier.
Finally, it's all about reusing, recycling, reinventing yourself and interpreting the classics and the trends to make it corresponds to your own personality.

For once, I've posted a goofy picture of myself, because who cares about being distant? Real me is the girl above - always finding a way to laugh out loud and embrace tiny moments with my closed relatives. 


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