Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Instagram

Instagram clearly runs my life. This is the app I can't live without now, and it didn't use to be that way. It's so easy and so practicable when you're trying to do something on your own, such as blogging.

This past week was pretty speed, even if reality is always around. Lee jeans x New Balance, Coffee at the Verlet spot with my sister, checking out the Officiel Magazine I'm starting to pay attention and being interesting in religiously, getting a pumpkin muffin at a super cute place next door to my college was the highlight of my week. We took a stroll through Paris, and bumped in those beauties and Eric Kayser, which reminds me a lot of Manhattan, and Eric Kayser buying a space on the 86th and Lex. Got this white oversized shirt on a man's shelf, and well it suited me so well, I didn't want to get it off. Leaves are falling from the trees at a speed I've never noticed before - it's kind of awesome to stop and watch the sunrise setting in the horizon. Last but not least, there's an awesome perk at sneakers I discovered just two months ago: they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. And, I wore one of my favorite outfit last week. A black skort and a leather jacket never hurt. 

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