Thursday, October 23, 2014

What a scarf

Outfit of the day: Coat: Zara / Top: Marie-Sixtine (Similar here)/ Skirt and Scarf: Zara/ Shoes: Mango

In these last couple of weeks I took very seriously my update blogger duty, which is surprising when you know me. The point is I don’t get bored, and I just want to go for it, and give it all, work and get a reward. Also, in this last couple of weeks, reality knocked again, even though I wasn’t hurry to do so.
Plus, autumn, rain and wind are actually back. Did I say I was regretting last Sunday weather? I do. Now, coats and scarves are needed, and thank god, I got my hand on this big super snuggly scarf from Zara.

This scarf looks like a cape, and sure, it can do the job, but used as a scarf it’s the most useful and awesome piece I got this month. There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing with layers in fall. I’ve had my eyes on a big camel coat (which I can’t find anywhere) and on a giant cape/scarf. Guess, one of those boxes is checked!
Joke aside; once you’ve tried and snuggle into this scarf, you’ll never want to take it off. Plus, it’s such a statement, that all you need is a casual, but chic outfit to get ready in the morning.

Some Ideas:
Soft Scarf:
ZaraAsosAcne StudioAsosZara/ Topshop

Mini Black Skirt:
Asos / Warehouse/ Weekday / Asos

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