Sunday, September 28, 2014

New York Diary

Finally, my last photos from the exciting city: New York!

Words can’t describe how much I adored being there – I love Paris, but NY isn’t the same at all. There’s something incredibly exciting and for most, vivifying, which gives you the energy of always going forward and do whatever it takes to reach your goal.
New York is definitely one of my favourite destinations so far; I love enjoying every corner of Manhattan with the sensation of discovering another part of the city.

Take a peek at what I’m talking about… I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.
1. OCafe 482 6th Ave – Best coffee I’ve ever tasted with the one from Ground

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery 189 Spring Street – This is clearly the cutest place I’ve ever been to – except for this cute cupcakes shop in Soho. It’s so crowded, and that at any time, that you can’t really count on the chance you’ll have a Cronuts. Try the mini Madeleines; you’ll thank me.

3. Gotham 69th 2nd Avenue – They have so much pastries, and great almond coffee.

4. Ground Support Cafe 399 W Broadway – Best place to grab a cup of coffee in Soho.

5. Georgetown Cupcake 111 Mercer St – Discovered this little place while I was wandering through Soho, and found the best place to shop – which support one of my favorite designer – aka Cameo the Label, The Fifth and other Aussie brands – more on that later. 

6. Prime Ko  217 W 85th St – Definitely one of the best place to eat some sushi. This a Japanese restaurant but they are also a steak house – which is pretty cool. Their sushi are somehow the best I’ve ever had – you should really stop by.

7. Juice Generation 69 Houston Street (but, find the closest one) – No way I didn’t mention this place. It’s my go-place to get a quick fix! I’m a juice lover, but they do know how to mix fruits and vegetables. I am obsessed with their Mr Green Mango Juice, the Aloha Green Juice and their amazing gluten-free muffins. There are no surprises because you see them juice it in front of you. They also sell raw coconut in which you can drink.

8.  Chelsea Market, and especially this place called One Lucky Duck. My favorite thing to do when I was in NY was to take the subway and head to the Chelsea Market. I love this hood, but most of all; I could have spent hours in the Chelsea Market. First time; I stopped at Anthropology, and then wandered and try their food places. I went to the brownie shop and stop by the artists’ gallery. To really enjoy this place, you have to plan a couple of hours.

9. 230 Fifth Avenue – One of the greatest rooftop in NY, but it’s also crowded, and the best is to go at night, just to enjoy the fabulous view.

10. The Standard Hotel – Just for the view, and the crepes/waffles they carry.

11. To conclude, let’s talk about the shops: Opening Ceremony (35 Howard St), Joie Clothing (429 W 14th St), Pop Up Mob (85 Mercer St), Union Sq Market are some of the best places I went. Their corner / pop up store are kind of amazing, and you really don’t want to leave their place before trying on all the stuffs hanging on the racks.

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